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Vivien has written a number of books - to date all about golf - but perhaps another topic in the future. The books she has written are as follows:

  • The Complete Woman Golfer - English and French
  • Successful Golf - English and Dutch
  • Golf for Women
  • The Young Golfer - English and 3 other languages
  • The Complete Book of Golf Practice
  • With Bernhard Langer - Langer on Putting
  • With Nick Faldo - Golf, the Winning Formula
  • Advanced Golf
  • The Golfing Mind - (best seller in the USA)
  • The Golf Handbook (in 13 languages) - Pan/Macmillan
  • The Women's Golf Handbook - Pan/Macmillan

The majority of books are unfortunately out of print. These are available:

The Women's Golf Handbook  is a recent book and is widely available. Signed copies are available from Cambridge National Golf, Toft, Cambridge CB3 7RY - phone 01223 264700. Price 12 inc. postage/packing UK mainland. An ideal prize for open meetings, personalised for your event.

The Golfing Mind - signed copies available of this best selling paperback book - 16 including postage/packing from Cambridge National. The Golfing Mind was described as the best ever sports instructional. The write up in the New York Times is worth reading.

The Complete Woman Golfer - signed copies of the original hardback edition are available - 15 including postage and packing

You can also email your order to books@ladiesgolf.co.uk

Vivien is attempting to finish her autobiography - but things keep happening that need adding. And she is also embarking on her first cookery book. There appears to be quite a gap in the market for "How to cook sprouts - for one". But publishers haven't rushed to her door - as yet! The cooking of sprouts - rights and wrongs - seems to be such an exciting topic at all women's golf club Christmas lunches that there must surely be a market for such a tome.