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Although Vivien doesn't get any money from this site - obviously - she probably can't give any words of wisdom about the golf swing for fear of being put in the R and A sin bin again. So Edward, her cat, will give the tuition. Do you remember that golf instructor "Mr. X" ?  Well this is by Ed.

Edward  is pictured here giving tuition and a playing lesson to Sylvia Dainty from Wolverhampton, one of his grateful pupils!

The grip

Here are Ed's main points on a good golf grip - with special emphasis for women! Some people think the grip is boring. You can never afford to go to sleep about the grip - it's very important. And here's one special little trick for women. If you aren't good at remembering left from right, always remember that the left hand is the one with the glove on. I have a special little trick if you don't wear a glove!. I hook my tail over my left foot. That's a good reminder

  • If you have small hands use a baseball grip rather than the interlocking one. The baseball grip gives you all 8 fingers on the club and the interlocking just 6. An interlocking grip is better for people with strong hands and not small hands.

  • Start with a baseball grip - and then just take the little finger of the right hand out and let it sit piggy back on the index finger of the right

  • The positioning of the hands controls the distance, direction and height we get. If your shots are weak or tend to go to the right, make sure your left hand is far enough over. Can you see the logo on the back of your glove?

  • For maximum distance check the position of the right thumb and index finger. Never put the right thumb straight down the front of the grip for long shots (great for putting a chipping but not long shots). Sit the tip of your right thumb nicely round to the side of the club and keep the right index finger triggered away from the next finger. The more open this relationship the more length you should get. Loosen up and let rip.

  • Remember, Loose equals long and left, and stiff equals short and slice. Loosen up for shots likely to bend to the left with maximum length. Stiffen up - and your shots will be shorter and may slice. Great for some short shots, but not for the long ones.

  • In a good grip - look at the V's between thumb and index finger of both hands. Both V's should point to right ear or shoulder.

If you have small hands - like Ed - the baseball grip is the one for you!

REMEMBER - stretch that right index finger down for extra power!


     Ed takes teaching children very seriously. Following his murder of eight rabbits, three squirrels, two moorhens and a mouse he may well fail to achieve a positive CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)  rating. Added to that he was caught with his arm round a kitten - Sophie - and we all know that's a real NO, NO in golf these days. Here Edward demonstrates how you should deal with youngsters - Picture A - WRONG - the cuddle. Picture B - CORRECT - no cuddle.



 Well - good news. Edward is seen sporting his Calloway visor - notice the special colour for redheads!Hopefully they may produce a special Cattoway range for young Ed. And a well known French clothing manufacturer is looking at a special range of clothes for our smartly dressed cats and kittens - "Bon Kit", perchance!

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