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Vivien carries out a substantial programme of after dinner speaking and after lunch speaking. Her most popular topic is "The Golfing Mind". This has been described as being like Victoria Wood on Golf. The talk takes a very light-hearted look at the way golfers think. You'll recognise yourself in Vivien's talk. Vivien has entertained audiences of between 30 and 1000 around the world and has been a regular speaker at European and UK Golf Conferences.

Vivien regular speaks to mixed audiences, ladies' audiences and men's only audiences. She is one of the most popular after dinner speakers at golfing do's and can also tailor make her talk to include and amuse non-golfers. She is very funny!

Vivien's Golfing Mind can be tailored to be a more serious look at sports psychology for teams/squads wanting to improve performance. (She has a BSc and PhD in the subject and is one of Britain's foremost sports psychologists.) But you are guaranteed to laugh your way to better performance.

She also does a talk about her golfing experiences and the experience of running a golf club, the lighter side of her career as a solicitor and generally an amusing look at her life. Watch out in the future for her amusing views on the amateur status rules and life with and without blazers!

You are guaranteed to laugh throughout!

The Golfing Mind, in particular, is ideal for those centenary celebrations

To discuss dates please email Vivien at  viv@viv.co.uk or phone her on 07956 628338


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